i'm sure everyone has at least heard of them, but there is very much a lack of discussion here about them.

for those who don't know, the silver jews were formed in 1989 by david berman, stephen malkmus, and bob nastanovich. the latter two being of pavement fame. the only consistent member of the band has been berman, with his acclaimed lyrics, and not so much vocals. fans of pavement will no doubt notice the malkmus guitar influence, and sometimes vocals. but i wouldn't at any time call them a side project. berman going as far as giving aliases to malkmus and nastanovich to dismiss just that. though if i had to pin them down as sounding like pavement, i would say pavement's more country songs.

their latest album tanglewood numbers was released just last year, and i would call it their most mainstream attempt. in a good way. if you've thought of checking them out, and haven't yet, tanglewood numbers is a good place to start.

website: http://www.silverjews.net/
i better bio than i could ever write: http://www.weeblackskelf.co.uk/cordsuit/index.php?page=Biography


animal shapes - from tanglewood numbers (plays in windows media player)

people - from american water (mp3)


how can i love you (if you wont lie down) - from tanglewood numbers

punks in the beerlight - from tanglewood numbers

trivia!!!! (off the top of my head):

-berman came up with the title of pavement's album crooked rain crooked rain

-pavement's pacific trim ep was recorded after berman walked out of a silver jews session.

-until this year, the silver jews had never toured. if you get a chance, be sure to go. who knows when they'll do it again.
nice thread

i'd never heard of them, but i'll check em out

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They're better than Pavement, but then I'm still not a big fan of the SJ. Was going to get 'Tanglewood numbers' last year after a couple of recommendations, but I just don't like them that much.
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i would've never guessed that stephen malkmus played with them. I don't like 'em
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one of my all time favs. dave is a good poet.

"scotch and penecilin, please try carlton
a cold black maple hanger, and husbands on the run"

starlite walker is my fav album.
i started watching that yesterday, but decided i would rather watch it all in one sitting.

and man, this is an old thread.
I go through periods when I absolutely must listen to the silver jews.

Pretty much every other time I can't really stand them though.
I saw them in September, I met David he was really funny/nice to me and my friend (we we're literally the only high school kids there). Great show too, the guitarist left the stage during the middle of the last song and some drunk guy picked up his guitar and started making a bunch of noise and at the end of the song the drummer ripped the guitar away from him and they ALMOST fought but they didn't... All the while David's in the background laughing his ass off.
Listening to American Water now, really like smith & jones forever.
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American Water is the most underappreciated album of the 90's. it's incredible
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Can't believe I've never posted in this four year old thread.

I am in love with the Silver Jews.

American Water is probably my favorite album along with the Natural Bridge...? But then again, Tanglewood Numbers and Look Out Mountain/Sea have their own thing going for them too.

Berman's book of poetry is awesome. I really want to get his sketch book.