Lately I have been trying to improve my independent finger strength and finger dexterity. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this besides from little excersises with the guitar? Has anyone ever tried those spring loaded things for finger strength?

What Im really concerned with is being able to move my 3rd and 4th finger indpendently. Right know they always move together and i want to be able to move them independently

I play this. And don't say "OOooH I said no little exercises.". Because in some cases you need little exercises to get better.

With your index and middle finger you play the 5th fret with your index and then lift it up and play the 6th fret with your middle finger but make sure your index is off the 5th. Do this twice on every string, up and down. Start on the top e and finish on the top e, playing it on every string. And try to pick up the pace every attempt you try this exercise. Then use your middle and ring finger on the 6th fret and 7th fret and then ring and pinky on 7th and 8th as I told you before. It works. Do it like 3 times a day for a week and it'll work.
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Try a non-guitar related excercises. Put your fingers on a table, desk, whatever... a hard surface with your thumb underneath and practice taking each finger off and then back on independently. Concentrate on being aware of what your fingers are doing.

The same excercise will work on a guitar, but I find it more effective non-guitar related.

If you're going to do attempt them... concentrate on taking the finger off and up rather than back on the table.
I have a Gripmaster. You don't need it. You're not looking for strength as
much as you should be looking for control.

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar has some nice exercises for finger independence
as does the excercises and philosophy that you'd find in the Guitar Principles
A good way for you to develop your fingers that I have recently started that really improves each finger's strengeth is a 1,2,3,4 sequence up and down the strings, the difference between this and other charomatic workouts is that I only pick the first note and the rest I hammer on, this works the other fingers, especially the weak ones, practice it slowly to get some control and every few minutes blaze through it to make sure your fingers will feel comfortable at high speeds.
How can I get the Speed Mechanics book? Is it an Ebook or does my broke ass need to buy it?
your broke ass needs to buy it, i got it for 20 bucks, its worth it
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