I?m back to contemplating life; past, present and future. Back to pseudo-absurdism and a miserable existential crisis.

Life is just a sum of passing seconds, where each second there is a possibility of you tripping unto eternal obscurity. And if you pass on to the next, you?re already luckier than many. We fail to realize this big passing now, is still somebody else?s dream. You are already living a dream. In a million ways you are living the dreams of more than a million. A lungful of air on your eighteenth birthday, an uplifting four minute thirty-seven seconds of music, one soulful moment or maybe a little girl who calls you daddy.

The lyrics border on what I would have written for a daughter named Zoe Jane.

?I want to hold you, protect you from all of the things I?ve already endured;
And I want to show you, show you all the things that this life has in store for you.?

Simple, depressing and with a pinch of the soul, as per required.

The monotonous continuation of the hostile human race, is that the widely debated purpose of this life? Or to put it in a more self respecting and self contenting way, maybe the ultimate purpose of life is just to live; to love and to be loved. But doesn?t living and loving differ from each person to the next. Emotions can never be described in specific. Emotions are just general terms conjuring a sense of understanding of a certain general state of mind. So by that rationale, there wouldn?t be one specific purpose of living, would there?

?And I?ll always love you, the way that a father should love his daughter.?

Human understanding has always been just one big approximation.
...The Lamb Of God
Why do you have to be so damn negative? Why can't people realise that you can write lyrics about nice things, like a really good shag or a day at the zoo? Everyone seems to be all bleak and 'the world is misery man, that's why I don't believe in a God'.

I'll sit under stars, no gun in my hand,
I'll become one with a beautiful land,
I'll gain wisdom from the ancient sand
With the peace to understand.
Where man and woman all are free
Where weary souls can rest easily
Where pain and hate no longer shall be
My spirit flies lonely.

See, those lyrics don't suck too much, and they aren't depressing on a Placebo scale.
(Damn I hate Placebo. And Green Day. But I do like custard creams).