I have recently been attempting to find how to use chord progressions, but am slightly confused. I know that the most common progression is the I, IV, V, for example C, F, G, but I have also heard about chord substitution. In this can I substitute any G note for the G major for example G7 or Gsus9 or some strange chord, or are there certain chords which have to be subbed?
i always understood it to be the I-IV-V. the whole box formation thing is in a thousand rock songs
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yeah, the most common would be I-IV-V, I-III-V, OR II-V-I for that nice jazz sound
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I don't like 1-3-5 progressions....
the mediant is unstable....

the 3-5 will do a half cadence, which, I remebered correctly, will go to 1 again...