They disbanded but you can find some mp3s on the site. If you'd like more, pm me and ask. A new band was formed by two of the members called I standalone. Hardcore influenced www.istandalone.co.uk www.myspace.com/xistandalonex

http://www.punkinscotland.co.uk/Home.HTML This is a link for punk in Scotland, also check the links page on turtlehead's site.

http://www.assassins.cd2.com/ Here's another band who quit not long ago but the bassist was in the Exploited. They sound different to the exploited. Yet again, pm me if you'd like more mp3s.
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Nice one. Yeah not bad i ain't reckon.

Not really a distinct Scottih sound to its but its a bit of orright.

hoh, nice quote too, had me in stitches
other good scotish punk:
The Skids
Johny and the Self Abusers
The Rezillos and the Zips
My stepdad works with one of the guys in Turtleheads brother. He got me this compilation they were on with Lagwagon. I like them. Never did get a chance to see them. The Skids are excellent although they turned kind of poppy. Beerzone are cool. Rezillos are great. Don't have much time for the Exploited although I do have this limited edition yellow vinyl I think I might sell. HA! HA! Theres also my band check us out at myspce.com/nopublicity. Be warned there some songs on there I wrote when I was like 13 and tryin to be cool. We do have betterand more punk songs but just not got round to putting them on (honestly!). somebody said the Spoken word bit in one of our songs on there sounds like Billy connolly meets Bad Religion. That made me laugh.
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"Billy Connolly meets Bad Religion" is pretty ****ing cool.

You should write some songs called "The Haggis Hunt" and "Your Mother's Porridge is Awful" (The latter would be good live to piss off Scots and stuff.)

EDIT: If you need writing help, let me know, I write faster (and nearly as good) as Strummer and Jones on a good day, and there's only one of me, cause I'm always looking to collaborate and do the new thing.
Write about haggis the animals! Y'know, the ones with two legs on one side being shorter than the ones on the other due to their walking around cliffs at an angle.
We did do a version of 500 miles by the Proclaimers but stopped playing it when we heard Spunge or somebody did it. We also wanted to do Loch Lommond but Real McKenzies had that covered as well. They've done a few Robert Burns songs and loads of traditional covers. I kind of like some of there stuff. The Singers Scottish right? Still trying to find a good Scottish cover thats not been covered by a Punk or kind of Punk band.
me and my friend made a short version to El Lay by NOFX Called Glas Gay about Glasgow. It's kind of fun. well I thought it was.

Get oot o' ma way
Can ye no see am fae Glesgay
am a pure ned wae a mental tatoo!
I bet 'ave got way mair neebors than you.

I jist love the toon
When I drink ma Buckfast doon
met ma burd at the cathoose where i'm in for free
she dosney work she gets pished wi me.

If you need translation just let me know.
I didn't need a translation

Y'know when I was in Scotland I won the compretition schools had for reciting Rabbie Burns
Quote by ss311
I didn't need a translation

Y'know when I was in Scotland I won the compretition schools had for reciting Rabbie Burns

I never asked you this, not like its any of my buisness, but where are you from anyway and how are you in Scotland so much?

Anyway has anyone heard Billy connollys song evil scotsman? it's funny as hell.
I haven't heard much Billy Connolly. My stepmum is from Elgin but they moved to Livingston. So I went to school at Meldrum Primary.
Livingston aint that far away from me. I stay in a dump called Kincardine about half an hour from Livingston. Where are you living now and how did you hear Turtlehead.
I live on the crap island of Cyprus. My mum's brother listened to punk so it came from a link on the assassins website which was a band he was in. Back when I was immature and even more idiotic than I am now, I emailed Rab from turtlehead who was really friendly and explained some stuff about the music business etc.

Scotland is where I stay in July and August while on holiday. I love it there. I knew you were close to Livingston due to your living in Fife.