Hey everyone,

Well I've been a member of this site for while but this is the first time I've ever put something on here so am feeling a little nervous

Have played guitar for a year and only just started singing and I think I need serious help (especially with vocals cause I feel I suck)so your feedback, good or bad, is really wanted for learning purposes.

Apologies for the recording quality this time around, dont have any fancy equipment (this was done an MP3 player) but I will endevour to update very soon.

Song - Dont look back in Anger or Working Class man (Australian song by Jimmy Barnes)


Thanks heaps and ave a good one
My computer won't play either of the songs man, have you got them in mp3 format? If not convert them to that, cos it's probably the reason you don't have any replies.
sorry about this, not very technical minded, have to re do undo proper format and post again in the future, thanks for taking time to check it out anyways.

Cheers dudes!