i am self taught and have been goin for about 3 months and i'd just like to checky my progress. I can play most of the all these things i hate intro by bullet for my valentine and my power chords and power chords transitions are coming along nicely

how am i doing? are there are things i shud be learning? thanx
Its a stupid question actualy if you ask me. There is totally no point of saying i can play this song or this and that. You should either ask the person very close to you or just ask urself. Its the RATE of how you are playing, how fast you learn, how well you understand, and not what song you can play (not 100%).

I cant answer how you're doing, probably you're fine, probably not.... who knows.... and about things to learn, i can point you out to some basic things. Just learn all the basic stuff in order to move on to more advaced. Basic major and minor scales, arpeggios, "box" scale, minor pentatonic and major, relative key, root key, movable barre chords, power chords, finger exercise, speed and accuracy exercise, and the list goes on.
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Thats what she said...
^ Yeah he's right. You maybe able to play most of that song, but how do you know you're not hitting bum notes, unwanted fretting noise etc. You need to post a recording up somewhere that we can listen to.

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You suck
But seriously, everyone is a guitar genious, they just need to learn how to unlock it. And it isn't how many songs you play, it's how well you can just jam. I hate it when people just sit there and learn other people's songs all day but can't produce a note when improv.
^ Nah, I hate it more when people brag about being able to play complicated songs, and in the end they play something that barely resembles it. I think a lot of guitarists need to listen to themselves play. Then, you see how much you suck.

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