its completly impossible to use a whammy bar on a standard mim strat or even just make a slight vibrato with my hands it goes completly out of tone, so what do i have to replace to be able to do at least some hand vibrato? (if possible tell me diferent options and which ones are more effective) thx
It does work. On a Strat you wouldn't be expecting to divebomb on it. On my Strat copy the bridge can be pushed out, so if you do that maybe it'll (apart from raise the strings) it'll allow more leeway for the bridge to actually move more.

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it goes out of tune when you move the bar? same thing happened to me. What I did was tune it completely to perfection then set the innotation. Do this by tuning each sting to standard on the 12th fret. For example, with the low E, if when you fret the 12th fret, your tuner indicates a flat, tighten the screw, if sharp, loosen. Do that on them all and it should stay in perfect tuning
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Put some graphite in the nut slots to prevent the strings from getting stuck.