I'm semi-interested in doing a few small upgrades to my bass, one of them being new pickups. I've got on problem though. My Dean only has one soapbar pickup and I've seen on just about every other bass the other pickup setup of two smaller, connected style pickups (jazz pickups?) Is it even possible for me to upgrade my pickups? I've never looked under the pickup, I'm not sure if it's just a screw on cover over my pickups, but I just figured it was all part of the pickup. Any help?
Yeah, the ones you're thinking of (with the 2 connected) are jazz pickups,but yours are soapbar pickups and yes companies make replacement sopabar pickuos, I could reccomend one but I don't know what you play or the price range
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No, they aren't jazz pickups. You'll need a replacement soapbar to go in there.
Okay, that helps. Is it a problem that they are sold under replacement pickups? I'm lookng to get better ones, not replace them. Also, what's the difference between the 105 dollar Seymour's and the 55 dollar ones? The desciption is exactly the same.