So, anybody have this guitar? Is the quality good, the sound nice? I played one in GC and kinda liked the guitar. What do you guys think?
anyhting with the word yamaha is boud to be good quality... so long as the specs seem decent i.e made of a decent wood... then shes all sweet the other stuff can be swaped out but neednt be if you like what you hear. other than that its about workmanship and yamaha is number 1 at that
On the wood, I believe they used a really soft light wood on the inside then on the outside used a thick heavy wood, so the sound gets trapped in there and the resonance goes on for miles. Yamaha broke boundraies, the thing is at least under 10lbs
I have the guitar and it is pretty nice, although I don't have a good benchmark for comparisan as it is my first electric guitar (I had played acoustic for 2 years prior to getting this). I don't have any huge complaints, although there are some little things that bug me, like the pickup selector is kind of awkward. Also I put on heavier strings the other day and when trying to adjust the truss rod, the access point is extremely short (I need to go back to guitar center to see if they have an allen wrench that fits in there). Also the tone on my high e string seems kind of flimsy compared to the other strings, although that may just be because of my POS amp.

There are quite a few good reviews online, just do search for "Yamaha RGX A2 review" and you should get some good hits, although you will have to weed through the Yamaha descriptions which are obviously written to sell the guitar.