ive bin playing guitar for 3 months self taught and i like it but i no it is going to take me ages to progress to a good level.

so i was thinking that i cud get a bass- for one reason the curiosity kills me, i just wanna try out bass as well as guitar, secondly i think i will see a lot more improvement with bass and will progress more quickly and thirdly because bass actually does appeal to me.
any1 got any thoughts on what i shud do?
do bass, but dont think its easy, there are alot of skills that you have learn, and have to option of learning.

try it out, if you dont like it, then you can go back to guitar.
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I know you like it
I play only for a bit longer, and I feel that curiosity too. Someday I'll end up buying a bass.
Play bass as well, but treat it as its own instrument, if you get what i mean. There's stuff you can do on bass you can't do on guitar. I found it improved my finger strength and allowed me to finger pick better on guitar.
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i bought both a guitar and bass when i first started from ebay.
30 quid guitar, 80 quid bass. not bad!

now i have a 500 quid guitar and a 500 quid bass. i prefer guitar to bass but i practice guitar and move onto my base my left hand speed increased and move from bass to guitar my left hand strength was greatly increased.
I've been playing guitar for 6 months now and I can play, but my timing and rythem are off a little. Will playing a little bass help me out with that?
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My advice to you is stop being a pussy and carry on with guitar. You dont play bass because it's easier than guitar ! if you think holding a barre chord is hard, try fretting from 5-7-9 on a bass using your pinky. You'll soon wanna play barre chords again. 3 months is nothing mate, you cant expect to get anywhere in three months. Three years, yes..!

Play both, but dont think one is easier than the other, because they are both ****ing hard!!
they're both hard however each has their own quirks that make them difficult.

I often say bass is easier to learn than guitar however good guitar players are a dime a dozen while their are very few good bassists.
I play both and it makes me better at both. Plus you get times where you dry up on guitar and can't seem to find anything to interest you on it, but then you find you're in full flow in bass, and vice versa. Don't think it's just playing guitar but with four strings though - the technique is pretty different.