I've just got myself a 1996 Pro Series Wah and just wondered about any neat modifications that anyone knows of? I see it works with an LED, an LDR, and a thing that blocks the light from the LDR as the pedal moves. What would be the effect of a brighter LED?

Are there supposed to be components missing?

I guessed it's cause they have one board for a few of their pedals, and they use different components for different ones?

I'd like it to have more output, it's ok with clean, but with overdriven sounds (well I say "overdriven" but what I mean is I have a modded mt2 behind it) the wah effect is hardly noticable, any way to fix this?

Theres more.. It's noisy when using a mains power supply. But iI am using a 300ma adapter daisy chained to three pedals, all rated at 300ma, is that bad?

One more... It has a spst switch, so it's certainly not true bypass. I'd like to try and make it true bypass, but it has PCB mounted enclosed jacks and I have no clue which terminal the "tip" is. My guess is to break the tracks just after the jacks, drill two new holes, solder some wires in and take them to a switch? Or am I a dumbass.

Here's a schematic for the one I have

That's all, thanks.
These go to eleven...
The Morley you have is not based off the regular Vox/Dunlop design with the inductor (which there has a bunch things that have been documented regarding messing with them). Read up on http://www.geofex.com/Article_Folders/wahpedl/wahped.htm which also has your style od wah circuit explained roughly.

Changing the LEDs would probably screw up the sweep of your wah.

Making it true bypass would be possible, let me just analyze things a bit...
The Morley is using a buffered bypass system like the various Boss/Ibanez pedals. Not true bypass but most people don't seem to complain too much aboutit.

If you feel adventerous you could try to convert it to the specs of the Bad Horsie for better sound (just leaving out the autoswitching thing). I'd probably take out the current wah circuit and make the Bad Horsie in on another small board, just running 3 or 4 wires off to the connections to the regular circuit (switching and buffers)
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