Heres a new song that I recently recorded. Acoustic under an electric lead line.
Enjoy. Let me know what you think

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The underlying acoustic track is cool, but the electric is a little off rhythm, and a bit sloppy. I hear a bunch of parts where you mess up.

It's a cool idea, but just a bit repetitive, add some more "surprises" in there and it should sound nice.

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It needs cleaned up and more on rhythm. Add some more emotions and surprises. I don't like the lead tones and the Acoustic needs more structure.

I do get it though and it's a great concept. This would be and ideal song to play around a bon fire and get hippy chicks to show their titties... and then have orgies.

Keep up the good work!
That acoustic guitar sounds a bit messy. The electric lead is not that bad. Allthough, it sounds quite dull. Try to have more rhytmic and dynamic variation. And where's the vibrato? Keep it up!
I will say this.... you really need to focus on smoothing out the note to note transitions. I hear what you are aiming at, and it takes a bit more work to get there. I like the ideas in the tune, I think with a little rhythmic variation in the lead parts and some smoother playing, it could pretty good.

Care to crit one of mine?

thanks for the crit on my 12 string improv video!

i really like the idea of this one and where you're trying to take it... you just need to work on it some more to get it there. the acoustic backing rhythm is pretty sweet but it's a tad sloppy. sharpen that background rhythm up and it'll help quite a bit. i might also turn up the background acoustic just a tad. with that tone on the electric it kinda drowns it out to me and it makes it sound like it gets lost from time to time. although simple, i liked the lead. the lead playing could also be a little sharper in general and there were a couple of spots where it sound like you completely lost the lead. based on what i can hear, just keep practicing and you'll have it down pretty quickly though i think. try throwing some variety into the lead playing also.... maybe some trills or switching scales would help alot. overall i like where you're going with the track though.
Yeah, the recording quality doew seem to take away from the song. The solo had a good idea going, but it seems as if you tried to overdue it at some points. Sometimes toning it back helps, but great job on the acoustic. The electric is very workable and this should be very good in no time. It has a good feel to it. I like the descending chromatic scale bit around the 1 minute mark. I like it. Has potential.

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