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All parts of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, In the Flesh?, Lucifer Sam, Jugband Blues, Have A Cigar, Breathe, Time, Atom Heart Mother(Whole Album). But Pink Floyd is an album band, not a song band, those are just the songs I like to pick out once in a while.
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I am trying to learn The solo to another brick in the wall. I've got some of it down and the part I have learned sounds kick ass. Favorite song by them would have to be Money.
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Oh dear, the amount of times these threds are done

But, on the subject, I love Another Brick In The Wall(all parts) as its so tastefil and the lyrics mean so much to me. Also its the first song I can ever remember liking.

There are loads though, Have A Cigar has good metion from me though
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My fave has to be wish you were here, and mother, and high hopes, good bye blue sky ah man, i guess i have alot of fave's
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Wish You Were Here, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and Echoes are my favorites.
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Comfortably Numb is my favorite. That last solo is amazing. It sounds like David Gilmour just pulled that one right out of his soul. amazing
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Ive always really liked the nile song
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Quote by rplb
Ive always really liked the nile song

nile song???? what album
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Quote by Mindless21
nile song???? what album

dunno the original album, but it was on the early-studio-stuff-compilation Relics
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This thread has been done 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,001 times but whatever...

I'd have to say my favorite would have to be Echoes.
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Quote by rayIII
dunno the original album, but it was on the early-studio-stuff-compilation Relics
More is the original album.

If I were to start listing my favorites, I would be here all night...and that can't happen because I still have to study for finals
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