It is a song where the emphasis is placed primarily on vocals, pretty slow usually with a little instrumentation that is designed to not get in the way

Classically its a piece that tells a narrative or something, but since power ballads came along that requirement kinda went away.
Actually the official definition of a ballad is a poem with a structure based around stanzas. Each stanza has 4 lines USUALLY with the rhyme pattern ABAB. They can be of any lengtha as long as the stanza format is not abused.

Musically, though, its what pratt121 said.
a ballad doesn't have to have vocals there's tons of jazz and instrumental rock ballads

"'Round Midnight" by Thelonius Monk
"Whispering a Prayer" by Steve Vai

'tis life
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a song you write that will help you get laid.

my god, I think he's got it!
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its a slow song
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Quote by shredguitar89
a song you write that will help you get laid.

LMAO! YES! There's your perfect definition.
shredguitar89.... genius

Well, apart from that defenition, it's slow and has meaningful lyrics I guess.
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White man came (Cumming noise)
Across the sea (Wow!!!)
Brought us pain (Right in the eye, it was)
And misery ( Points to pregnant sister)
Run to the hills, iron maiden