Ive recently begun playing the bass and was wondering if there are some really easy songs that people could tell me about?

I wouldn't go for "really easy" songs mate. Go for something that can strech your ability.

Look into jazz/classical/funk if you wanna get more into bass.

Look at Chili's I would. At least with them, you can reconise their songs and also don't end up playing one note for two bars then move onto something else.
bon jovi...keep the faith---- thats okay....maybe a tad fast at first ( if you have never played strings before) but its kind of all the same riff...so once you get the first bit down you should be sailing.
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He is just starting..

Rage Against the Machine - Know your Enemy/People of the Sun
Pink Floyd - Money
311 - Love Song/All Mixed Up/Beautiful Disaster
Beatles - Come Together
Alice in Chains - No Excuses
Cream - Badge/Sunshine of your Love
Led Zepp - The Ocean/Black Dog/Dazed and Confused
Jimi Hendrix Experience (Hey Joe/Fire)
Oasis - Wonderwall
Nirvana - Teen Spirit

Good bands/people to know - Don't expect you to learn em right away but good to listen to, in () an example of a good song:
Primus/Les Claypool (Any)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Any)
Victor Wooten (Me and my Bass Guitar/overjoyed/Amazing Grace/Classical Thump)
maybe Rancid (Maxwell Murders)
Stuart Hamm (Quahogs Anyone?)
Marcus Miller (Nikki's Groove, Red Baron, any slap solo)
Early Metallica (Cliff Burton Era, Kill Em' All Album)
Early Incubus (See S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album era)
Van Halen
Muse (Hysteria)
Guns 'N Roses (Sweet Child O' Mine)
Black Sabbath (Anything)
Sublime (Date Rape)
Mudvayne has some interesting bass lines to listen to L.D. 50 Era
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Yeah im just starting like(previously a drummer like but want to get more musical and less physical )

Definately gonna try out some of those songs

Rage Against the Machine - Know your Enemy/People of the Sun
Oasis - Wonderwall
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Any)
try warning be green day

Guns 'N Roses (Sweet Child O' Mine)-Is this not a different tuning?

Ill definately be trying to learn the bass to these songs maybe a few others like. Ive already wrote simple bass lines myself as well just want to funk those fellars up
Anything by Social Distortion (Punk rock) is relatively easy. A little quick, but easy.
Not really a fan of the punk style so may not try to do punk it until i get of bass credentials behind myself
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Guns 'N Roses (Sweet Child O' Mine)-Is this not a different tuning?

i think its just down a half step, so you could practice without re tuning at all

Edit: or is that just the guitar part?
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Karma Police by Radiohead
Walking On The Moon - The Police
Stir It Up - Bob Marley (i love playing this)

i'll add more when i have more time
You Give Me Something - Jamiroquai
Michael - Franz Ferdinand
Golden Touch - Razorlight
The Ocean Song by Pulley. The Getaway by Ten Foot Pole is a gret intro to using fifths in basslines. If you want to get into some different techniques, then The Idiots Are Taking over by NOFX has a tapping intro....I'm not fond of it, but it is tapping.

I'm sorry, I just read where you said that you don't like punk. It's a shame really, not liking punk........open your mind a bit.
my first song was i think downfall by trust company its a really easy song in drop D tunning and its pretty fun song to play the other song i really like to play is paradise city by GNR its a really good song for getting the feel of bass down it halped me alot because it really fits well with the guitar and the drumms but dont worry past the break in the song thats when the bass my get a little difficult but you could still try it also die die die my darling everyone can play that one its a pretty good song to learn.
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enter sandman is pretty simple.
SOAD's Sugar is easy, basically the same notes over and friggin over again.
and of course....Seven Nation Army
if you want really easy then check out Judas Preist
almost all of their bass stuff is about 2 notes seriously
its pretty sad to be in a band with some amazing guitarist and to be stuck playing 1 note for over half the song...
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