ok so i still have the stock pickups on my epi les paul. i never really did any customizing to it to make it sound better, which it sounds ok not great or anything. but i wanted to replace the pickups with something better since mine sound horrible and have massive feedback. I dont know a whole lot about pickups and things of that nature, so does anybody know what pickups i should buy for it to get a better sound out of it. not extremely expensive. like around $50 - $100. and something that is versitile. i dont have a defined sound, but its more going towards hardcore/metal sound but i also play stuff like VR/GNR and Classic Rock so i want something that could handle both sounds well?
I have An Epi Les Paul and i have a nice set of EMG's in mine and it beefed it up alot. i also have a Jackson i put a D'addario in the bridge and it sounds amazing. Its the one with the 2 solid bars. i would highly suggest that one.
sorry to hijack this thread

but how about a PRS SE and roland microcube

what type of pickups would you recommend for that with the same type of playin at in the first post.....rock/classic rock

i think the stock ones are 3 ingle zones
if i replace them with something else where to i get the new cover place for the front of the guitar?...my current one has curouts for 3 small single zone coils only
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