Hey guys. How do you actually play "in time" I wanna actually be able to play the songs I've learnt in the correct time, the timing sounds ok to me by ear, but I know they're not perfect.

Also, if I'm playing to a drum track how to do I play riffs over it "in time"?

Sorry if sounds newbie!
turn down the volume on your guitar and blast the song through your computer play along with it thats all i can really tell you. and you really only worry about this if your playing with other people.
Good God! Another internet tab casualty!

First of all, if you're gonna just learn songs by tab, get DECENT tabs. A good
tab will either have the standard notation or be in a format that shows note
durations. Tabs without note timing are CRAP! It's not really even music.
Music has note timing!

Next, learn the note symbology for timings. Like whole note, quarter note, etc...
(or the "metric" quaver stuff if you're a brit).

Next learn how to count off the beats of a note to a steady rythym. Get yourself
a metronome!

Once you do all that, you should be a bit closer to playing things in time.
get a metronome, and learn what notes fall on the down beat. Make sure the notes start when you hear the <CLICK>, and that you let the note ring for as long as you should
A metronome is your friend.
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