Does anyone know about this modification? I have been looking into it, but I need some opinions. how much does it help the sound, if it does? It says something about volume interference... Please give info if you know anything about it.
I saw it... I'm not convinced it'll make much of a difference... The pedal is almost 100% digital, the other components are probably for the power-supply and things (I'd guess.) I've never been fond of Keeley's stuff anyway so maybe I'm biased...

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Ic.... I never understood the whole Keeley mod thing either... Some people think it changes the sound immensely and others bash it, I'm one who doesn't know. Haven't tried any of the modded pedals.
Taken from www.robertkeely.com;

"This mod is for tone-purists only. It is a mod that can generally only be heard if you compare a stock unit or a have a very good feel for the usual volume output level or background RF noise. With our mods we will correct the volume problem so the level doesn't drop when you use the pedal. It will include over a dozen audio changes to improve the sound. Lastly, the RF noise will be reduced a noticeable amount. This is great for recording as you will not need to filter it out and can capture more high frequency as a result. The changes are relatively small and do not change the way the pedal operates but, they offer you the best in tone and lowest noise if that is where you are in your pursuit of the finest gear available.

This is our first "high-tech" mod work, we change many surface mount IC's to the hi-fi Burr Brown type, we change some SMT caps to "real" full sized meatl-film caps! Mods to fix volume problems that many listeners can hear as also included."

"For tone purists only" says to me 'Not much difference here really'
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