i have a practice amp near the computer downstairs that i will take my guitar to and practice on when im at teh computer. the amp is a bass amp (it was given to me, so i took it) and its an ibanez ibz10b. i was just practicing when all of the sudden, it started buzzing very loudly so i took the distortion off and it still buzzed. when i try to play, you can still hear the buzzing noise and can barely hear me playing. i was using distortion with a danelectro fab distortion pedal and i was playing my fender american telecaster. the distortion was all the way up, but it still shouldnt have started buzzing very loudly. now when i turn it on, it buzzes. i seriosly doubt its the pedal because i tried my overdrive pedal with it and it still buzzes so i plugged it in wihout a pedal (straight into the guitar) and it still buzzes. is it the amp or my guitar? whats wrong with it and what can i do?
the pedals arent connected. i just unplugged my cable from one pedal and plugged it into another. they are separated.
so its an electric guitar plugged into a bass amp?