Hi, i just got a new Marshal Jackhammer (JH-1) footpedal but im not really sure how to set it up. All the sounds that i am getting from it are just weak. Ive got a 35 watt "Skytronic" amp (doubt uve ever herd of it but it works ok) and it just has Bass, Middle and Trebble controls. On the distortion channel it has Gain and Level (volume) controlls. I want to try and create that "face melting" distortion. Can anyone help???
"On the distortion channel it has Gain and Level (volume) controlls."
You do know you should stay on the clean channel, right?
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
btw i just wanna know how to set up my amp, i know how to setup the foot pedal
Make sure your amp is on the clean setting and sounds nice then put the pedals gain to max and fiddle with the over nobs on it.

On your amp try doing the noobish thing and putting your bass and treble to max and mids to nothing. If it's too trebley turn the treble down. If your sound is flat then add some mids. I personaly have bass full, treble 3/4 and mid 1/4 for metal.
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