Hi , Okay so this weekend I am buying my own guitar , I went into the shop today to browse around . Now I figure if I spend £250 on a guitar I will get a decent one rahter than spending £80 which MAY fall apart and will not have good quality hardware . So I got talking to the guy in the shop and he said that someone had bought in a 3 week old . Epiphone Les Paul custom in black . They returned the guitar because as soon as they bought it they soon realised they didn't / couldn't play the guitar . Myself after having my first lesson last week which I really enjoyed will not fall victim to that scenario . Anyway the guy in the shop said I can buy this guitar for £299.00 . I had a good look over it and there was not a mark on it .

Shall I buy it ? Will I be happy with it ?

Thanks for your time

it should be good..... cant forget the amp though
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Epiphone Les pauls do sound pretty good and have quality hardware i would go for the epiphone. depends what amp you getting.
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