Is it only me that get those darn string noises.
I meen when i push down a string i hear the noise.
It sounds like metal hit on tree.
Really annoying.
How do i get rid of it? Does i thave to do with amp settings?

I think I know what you mean... it's like a muted thud?

If what I'm thinking is the case, you've got your treble/tone up high on a tinny bass or you're pushing the string down onto the pickup (which clicks).
Musicman Stingray 3EQ
When you hit your pickup it makes a crazy ass sound. That could be it. Or you're hitting your high frets closest to the bridge. Lessen your attack?
if its the fret buzz, you could raise the action or adjust your truss rod,,, but you better know what you are doing if you are gonna adjust your truss

if you are hitting your pickup when you play, try to raise your wrist up more when you are playing, so that your fingers are not hitting towards the pickups but rather like walking on the strings