hey, im looking for an acoustic with a cutaway no more then 400 pounds i previouslt wanted the takamine eg510SC but its been discontinued after i phoned a shop i there fore foudn this http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=12599 its an
Ibanez AW120CE and looks really sexy. i want to play it plugged in and unplugged can u give me some feed back on what it will sound like. i will try it out ofc. here are the specs Cutaway Dreadnought.

Solid Engelmann Spruce top.

Mahogany back & sides.

Ibanez/B-Band® SquealRepeal pickup.

Ibanez SRT preamp.

Balanced XLR & 1/4" outputs.

Abalone rossette.

Gold Grover Tuning Machines
with Brown Pearl Button.

Ibanez Ivorex II nut & saddle.

Ibanez Advantage bridge pins.

D'Addario® EXP? Coated 80/20 strings.

Mahogany neck.

Rosewood bridge & fretboard.

Resonant Dark Violin Low Gloss finish.

it looks beautiful. i think i will order it from gak can u give me some feedback on how reliable they are? cheers oh and ne alternative MUST have a cutaway .
just FYI, that ibanez has also been discontinued. you could probably find a store with one in stock over the internet but you aren't going to be able to play it before you buy it more than likely... and i wouldn't reccomend buying any ibanez or really any other guitar without playing it first. ibanez acoustic guitars in general have the reputation of being poorly made and unreliable.

if i'm correct, 400 pounds is equal to around 750 USD or so... don't spend that kind of money on an ibanez acoustic please
I have the Ibanez AW40NT got it for around 350 total, its an amazing guitar. Beats almost any guitar in the price range , high quality woods, great sound. But this is just an acoustic, not acoustic electric.
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