I cant seem to get the distortion i want out of the UK 70's amp model on my ad50 but there isnt even and overdrive effect on teh amp so i was wondering if you guys knew how to get a good classic rock tone out of teh amp and if not should i buy a distortion or overdrive pedal and which 1 for a good classic rock tone
no price range im just looking for options
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I got a Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal and I love it. Tough, reliable and good tones. Even if u find some settings on your amp that work, the pedal is still good for that something extra. Its only about 40 bucks too.
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I was gonna say just turn your amp up really loud till it distorts but... as a standalone pedal, the zakk wylde pedal gets good soft distortion, and if you have another distortion pedal or overdrive with it, it'll scream.
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Digitech Hot ROd Distonrtion is a good "rock" pedal. And aren't distortion and overdrive basically the same thing?
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