This is a little song I wrote. I put a little more thought into it, it's pretty simple, but has a few sharp turns (like the chorus). Anyways, I titled in Nirodha. Hopefully someone can figure out why.
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."
The main riff is very reminiscent of the name, and the guitarring provides brilliant contrast which flows smoothly in and out. The drone was a good way to start, though I feel the ending suffered from it; it would have been better if the end was cut down to the 69th bar. In my opinion, the intro solo was definitely better than the main one, plus it ended with a little more strength. The bar before the interlude seemed to ruin any possible modulation between the chorus and the arpeggios. Overall, an amazing piece; worthy of the title of one of UG's best.

I'd appreciate it if you could comment on my latest composition. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=5874153
I really like liked it.. it kinda reminded me of a final fantasy song. I loved the way it came in with the music box and then the guitar but the way it ended was even cooler. The main.. I dunno.. lead?.. part was very cool too I liked it a lot the only thing I didn't like was the way it ended it just sounded kind of incomplete you know? And hey.. if that's what you were goin for then awesome you nailed it. Can you crit my song? You don't have to if you don't want I mean.. I didn't crit your's JUST SO you'd listen to mine haha ok bye.. hurr's the link if you're interested
Intro is a little intriguing. Kept me wondering.
The music box or whatever caught my interest. The tune it played was very catching.
When the Dist Gtr took over, it sounded very great. The two lead guitars were very good, especially the solo guitar.

I like the guitar in the Interlude. The way you put it sounds very good.
I dont like the Tremelo picking of the chords in the Chorus. Sounds very bad. Maybe it's just the MIDI.

The next interlude is a major change, though I like it.
Guitar sounds great there.
Definately liked the guitar solo. Fit pretty well.

Loved the guitar to music box transition at the end of the solo. That sounded awesome.
The outro was a good ending.

Overall, pretty good. I'd change that chorus with the tremolo picked chords though.

Mind critting my work in progress?
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Spiral Out
Here it is, I changed a little bit and hopefully it was for the better. Anyways, I thought I'd mention that my main inspiration for this song was Amorphis. For those poor souls who don't know of them, they're a finnish metal band. I don't care for any of the new stuff, but check out 'Tales From the Thousand Lakes', 'Elegy', and "The Karelian Isthmus". SOme songs I love are "Weeper on the Shore", "Forgotten Sunrise", "Black Winter Day", and "Drowned Maiden". <3

Rock on. And thanks for the criticism. moreplzkthnx.
Nirodha - God Am (2).zip
"Chuck-E-Cheese called. They want their band back."