Now i know that the 'Absolution' record was a hard album to follow up with, but i was pretty sure Muse would have done it considering they have had 3 years to mastermind it.

All the positive reviews that the new album was getting made me believe that they had made a great album.

Now i love Muse and think their music kicks ass and so i d/l the new 1 but found it 2 be a bit of an anti-climax really.

Maybe they tried too hard in following up 'Absolution' or left it too long to pen the new album?

Does anyone else feel it doesnt quite meet Muse's high standards or do ppl think i need to be stoned for being a bit sacreligious?
wkd, didnt realise there was a muse thread, still.
Well considering the album doesnt actually hit the shops till next month i couldnt wait that long.
Delete this, I have spent ages posting stuff about it in the Muse thread. Go there, it will be discussed.
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i am a massive fan of muse,

i have had chances to download the album but i have passed.

i cannot waitfor july 8th.