I've been playing for a couple of years and i wanted to know if there was anyway to record your live songs on a pc for free?

I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks but all my money now is going towards a truck
i dont what you mean your live songs but their is a program called audacity and it free.
Well, if you want real proffetional recording, you'd have to setup a comptuer running linux. There's a select few recording componies that run linux instead of windows, (Linux being free), and completely FREE recording programs.

But don't beleive the hype. Though I do use linux over Windows, it's severely over hyped. Don't let someone convince you Linux is the answer!
The best way for live recordings is to buy a 12 channel analogue mixing desk, digidesign 002 rack, powermac G4 (at least 1ghz), stereo amplifier, a pair of yamaha Ns-10's, and some decent mics, e.g. Shure SM57's, AKG C414's ect...
overall this would cost you £2.5k and you would be able to make mixes that sound almost as good as big commercial projects (i have www.myspace.com/mingleberrybottom) this is probably the easisest way of making the best possible recordings.
If your really tight on budget then buy a PCI or Firewire Audio-interface for your PC/Mac (don't buy USB there **** and slow) and maybe a few mic's. For full band recordings i'd recommend the £2.5k set-up which is probably cheap in $'s because you yanks have life so dam easy. Also don't buy multi-track recorders there absolutely bollocks, there just a gimmick for retarded guitarists.
Gudluck with your recordings mate.
thanks old toad,nitro, and danill19

but with the audacity i need a microphone seperate of the computer right?