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solder on electronic, huh?

You might want to expand more on that.

Do you mean; you just found out you can't use plumbing solder on electronics? That what you mean?
Nope, no plumbing solder for electronics. Bad stuff eventually happens (something about it being slightly more acidic? can't remember)

rosin core solder is what you want
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rosin core soler is what i use and it serves me fine as well. I just didn't have a clue what the threadstarter was asking... becasue the two halves of the question were split up...
no, you shouldn't use plumbing solder on electrics.

use 60/40 rosin core solder
My cousin actually attempted using plumbing solder on his Fender Jag-stang. It actually did some damage to it which was a shame, cos it was a good guitar.
thanks, i bought plumber's solder instead of electronics solder, and i was just checking if it would be ok to use it. i guess i'll go back to the store tomorrow