the basic stuff is there man, pretty in time, but just need to polish up different bits to get em tight, like the verse and the main riff.

7/10 from me. Crit my stuff please, link's in my sig, and the thread location is on the purevolume page
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Listening while typing. The intro riff was weird... Not how its supposed to sound at all. Main verse riff was kinda choppy. You need to make it more fluid. Chorus was ok. First fill was pretty decent. Tapping part of solo is good. After the tapping part, it was a little choppy, and you missed some notes. The last fill was different, but kinda cool. I would give it a 6/10
the main riff sounded a little off-7/10

in the verse the palm muting actually sounded like you wernt palm muting,

the solo was ok

so overall 7/10

crit mine please

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intro riff way wrong, verses choppy and out off time, chorus ok, solo alright but after the tapping was sickening
and your distortion has way to much bass, make it slightly more clean
The intro riff was weird I think you were using the tab from guitar world. You were supposed to palm mute the open A's in the verse. The chorus part with the harmonics you only do it once. The fills need work. You did the tapping part of the solo really good. You gotta get that same fluidity throught the who thing. YOu should work on this for a while longer then re-record it. It will be grade A then. Check out my Crazy Train cover.

dude wheres the palm muting, the intro was kinda shatty, its ok.

U need to practice more.

Everything seems choppy.
The intro was pretty weird, but the rest sounded alright.
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6... the intro was not crazy train... and it didnt really flow.
it just kinda sounded like a whole bunch of riffs put together, not a song.
work on the speed and the palm muting, it should be fairly decent after that.

EDIT: instead of being just negative... i decided to be a little helpful

            e -------------------------------------------------
            B -------------------------------------------------
            G -------------------------------------------------
            D -------------------------------------------------
            A --------4----5-----4-----2---------2-------------
            E --2--2----2-----2-----2-----5-4-5-----5-4-0------ 

try that for the intro.
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