Do you guys ever get a really loud and high pitched squeaking sound when you try to play very loud or as high as the amp goes im getting kinda worried that i got a defect(i got it yesterday, i get that sound whenever i turn teh gain or volumes up
also do u know how to get a good distortion out of the uk 70's, i cant really because when i turn teh gain up it squeakes beyond belief

also i wondered if there was any settings you liked for any specific artist or just a good tone
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no, I don't... that's wierd. try using the noise reduction ( press bypass then hold tap and turn edit 1 to adjust). Don't use the UK70's that much, but I like the AC15 with just a little hint of overdrive with the treble and mids pushed a little bit, sometimes with a tremolo for fun.
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i can always effortlessly get a good distortion from the uk70's model, so maybe it isnt the distortion youre wanting?

the high gain models seem abnormally prone to feedback, but i dont know about any 'squeak'
Yeah, I have some setup's for certain sounds.....

Gain - 4
Treble - 5
Middle - 5
Bass - 8

Tom Morello
G - 7
T - 10
M - 4
B - 4

Jimmy Page

G - 4
T - 8
M - 3
B - 7

John Frusciante

G - 4
T - 8
M - 2
B - 6

Kirk Hammet
G - 10
T - 7
M - 2
B - 10

Angus Young
G - 5
T - 10
M - 10
B - 5

Use whatever amp model you want, and effects if you want them. I suggest the Kirk Hammet setting, it kicks ass.
that page settin on AC30 setting, on ur bridge...ull be ripping, but i actually like the gain like 6-7ish...really pushes it...similar to 'Smooth' by Santana

if ur not already, for the feedback, try steppin away from the amp