Im thinking about maybe picking up a muff/fuzz pedal this summer. I really like like fuzz sounds on songs like RHCP's "Strip My Mind". Whats a good fuzz pedal for under $100.

Also, Im looking to get a Wah pedal as well. I think if I mix fuzz and wah, ill get a great sound.

(Note: I may be getting a strat by the end of 2006 as well)
The only fuzz I own is the Big Muff the U.K. produced version. You can get that for around $100 but there is an American made that goes for $70-80. This was at Guitar Center, mind you, during Christmas time so I may be way off. Just realize there's a chance you'll get sick of it really fast. It's really cool for some trippy solos and single note melodies but it's just not a practical distortion for playing in my quite humble stinky opinion