What type of pedal should I get to have a metallica sound? Master of puppets style! Thanks
Eh, not too sure for a pedal. But for a good amp setting,

Gain at 10, Treble at about 7, Middle at 2, and Bass up near 9-10. Gets a good metal tone for Metallica.
google 'metallica gear' or something similar and see what they use
ya pretty much and high gain pedal will work its more about your setting you have to have scooped mids to get their sound.
um well mey tone for my marshall amp is

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^ He asked for a pedal, not a rig overhaul. Do you have a solid state or tube amp? I'm gonna guess SS and recommend a Boss MT-2, but you would have to listen to clips, because most people either love them or hate them.
Yes i have a peavey bandit 112 "transtube" which is really solid state :P. I will try out those amp settings thanks