If i bought a Schecter C-1 Plus (Black Cherry) and changed the pickups from Duncan Design HB-103's to EMG active 81's or (81's/85's) would It give me the same kind of sound as buying a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser (already with the active 81's, this guitar is 649.99 USD while the "Plus" is 549.99 USD) Or would it be a lot cheaper to just to buy the one already with active 81's.

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it would be cheaper to buy the hellraiser.

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EMG's Cost $99 each, but I would reccomend an 81/60 combo, much better cleans, much more versatile. THe 85 is okay, but I'm planing to upgrade. so actually I would recommend the Hellraiser and then upgrade the 85 to a 60 for the same price as the C-1 Plus wit 2 new EMG's and plus its pretty sweet to have a guitar called hellraiser....i would know
If they are both comprised of the same tone woods in the same fashion etc they would sound the same but, that also includes them being wired in the same fashion as well.

If you want to know more about tonewoods and their qualities Carvin.com has some pretty good info.

I prefer gibson 498 and 500ts in a mohagony body but, i like some other guitars as well and intend to apply this combination to them.