Hey UG. After a few months of owning my current electric ( a Dean ML), I've decided to take it into a shop for a set-up, you know, for intonation problems, pickup heights, pickup pole pieces adjustments, ect., as I really don't have much experience with too much of these types of things. I do know how to do them, but I can't obtain the results I want. I talked to my Dad about getting this done, and, being the non-musician he is basically said it was a waste of time and money. I beieve he's looking at it wrong. Can you guys tell me if these problems fixed would be worth the money, and if not, how I can properly do these things myself efficiently? If it helps, my guitar has no Floyd Rose or whammy bar. Thanks UG.
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yes it well worth the money. as for setting intonation, definitely dont **** with it unless you know what your doing. adjusting pole pieces can cause problems if you put them too high it can take from your sustain and pull string out of wind same for pickup height. It mostly worth it cause of intonation.
Its worthwhile having your guitar set up properly. It makes it easier to play and it will just sound better than if the intonation is off, fret buzz, etc.

It's also worthwhile learning how to do it yourself so you can always have your guitar perfecty setup for free.
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^ intonation is just fine tuning. for danilo

poles pieces are adjusted by slowly turning a screw driver.

u can do it urself. but pro setups are good, especially if ur having problems.


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