My Line 6 Spider II 212 died about 7 months back. Guitar Center refused to honor the warranty (despite the fact I've spent just under 1000 dollars there...). Anywho, here's my deal.

You know the input jack? The little screw that holds it in place, or washer or whatever, well it fell off (I didn't even abuse the thing...) and the input jack itself caved into the ****ing amp. Well, I got anything I could find that was long, thin and wide, and stuck it through the little slots in the grate behind the amp that look into the guts of the thing. I pushed the jack back into place, and held it there, pushing the cable in. This worked for a while. Finally, I tried this, but no signal was reaching the speaker. I've been without an even moderately acceptable amp for about half a year now. I only taste metal when I visit Guitar Center, which I do more and more frequently. I'm not getting a job, and will be acquiring a tube amp ASAP, but in the mean time, I'm dying to hear some metal, or decent cleans. Anyone have any advice, of any kind? I'm just going to open the amp up somehow, and look inside. Hopefully the problem will make itself apparent. Thanks for reading.
some wire are most likely loose. The same thing happened to my cousins guitar input like a week after he got it. Best thing i can say is listen to some music cause i dont think youll get anything out of that. as for guitar center not honoring the warranty **** that! i make a big ****in deal until they fixed the problem and stuck to their side of the deal. you should have taken it back to guitar center as soon as it happened.
SEX!!! I just called about it, suspicious I admit, but explained that the loose jack, while annoying, wasn't a problem as my cable was still attached (white lie...), and that now, while the speaker is still functioning, it recieves no signal whatsoever. Despite the fact that jacks are specifically covered, they denied me last time. This time, I'll bitch like Hell and make threats if they try to deny me. I got a UPS tracking number, and they'll either repair it, or if they can't, replace it! SEX!!!!!!