I have a Prs custom 22, im trying to set it up... I know you guys are gunan tell me to take it somewhere.. But i want to learn how to do this myself... Anyone have any tips or anything to set it up? I play drop C, i want to know how to set up pick up height, Intonation, everyhting i need to know.. just give me some tips, thanks yall
Actually, I would suggest the search button. There are several threads about this, and possibly even a stickied one.
ew drop c on a such beautiful guitar. It has a tremolo?
Just an influence.
What's up, man. I have two Custom 22's and play one in drop C. Nothin' wrong with it... as far as tips... I'm kinnda confused as to what you're asking? I play with .11's as far as strings go... and... that's all I've done to it. I have recorded with it and everything. Get back w/ me if I was no help what-so-ever.
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