In yalls opinion what is the best aerosal type paint for painting a guitar? I.E., what base, acrylic or enamel? Whats the best primer and clear coat. The clear coat dont have to be aerosal tho. And what brands.
Nitrocellulose is pretty much the best I think. Don't know any specific brands but just look around.
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Anyways, most peopel seem to stick with acrylic lacquers. Basicaly anythign will work, there is no "best" but people have their prefrences over which gives a better finish for them. As long as you stick with teh same bases you shdou lbe alright. Nitro is good and easy, poly can be a bit frustrating first time spraying it other hten that' it's alright. People have been spraying ktm-9 but I ave never used it personally so no comment. But If you have hte time I'd go wiht a lacqer.
i like enamel for graphics, but sometimes it does not like laquer. be careful when mixing paint types. but laquer is cool, all the big brands like gibsonand fender use nitrocellulose laquer. i dont have any tho i should get on it!