IM gonna Say Grover or Gotoh though i am partial to Gibson Green Keys as well.

ALso why cant you just get locking
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ok sperzel locking are by far the best but if you dont want locking i suggest Grover or Gotoh
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Sperzel locking tuners are good but on most guitars u need to get it drilled and if u dont want to full with that i would suggest getting Fender Schaller Locking Tuners they are close to as good and fit all fenders and most any other guitar. if u have to get drilled for fender ones though get the sperel cause those are a little better and the same price. and get locking tuners **** they arent pointless trust me. Or go Get Grovers they are good non locking tuners as well.
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I disagree on the Schaller locking being the best. They work great as long
as they're maintained, but if one of the locking screws comes lose during a
gig, they tend to fall off and get lost. I've seen it happen more than once.
For locking, go with Spoezel or Planet Waves. Non locking: check the gear
ratios. Most cheap tuners are a 12:1 ratio. 14 is usually accepable. The good
ones have 18:1 or better. This ratio describes how well the tuner will hold up
to string pull. You higher the ratio, the more expensive the tuners. Traditional
tuners get up to a 22:1 I believe, but I've seen tuners by companies
like Steiberg, and LSR who claim way better ratios. Grover, Gotoh, and Schaller
are all companies I would recomend.
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I like Sperzel lockers.

I don't really know what you mean about why lockers are bad... do you actually understand what they do?