would the technique be a form of tapping or just a variation of hammer ons and pull offs. i know the technique and how to use it and intially i thought that it was a more skillful use of hamer ons and pull offs, but then i got thinking could it also be a form of tapping? Could someone please verify this for me
i dont know in the technical sense, but i consider legato and even hammer on/pull offs (not as much pull offs tho) to be tapping.

they are "literally" tapping, so thats my opinion. meh.
Legato CAN be tapping, but it would be tapping in a legato style. I hope you know the definition of legato.
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Legato=smooth and connected, so yes, it could be tapping if you do it right.
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yer i know what legato is considering joe satriani is my all time fav guitarist and he is a master if that technqiue. Tapping is essentially a series of hammer ons and pull offs so i figured why couldnt legato also be a variation of tapping. anyway its a terrific technqiue when mastered and played like satch
yea, basically, pecause don tyou hit the strign and move your fingers for a while then do it again

yea i think so
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ok yeah i change my mind: tapping is a form of legato, not the other way around lol.
basically a set of notes stringed together by hammerons pulloffs slides or taps that start with one picking stroke, but there is not a new attack for each note in the series of notes. this is notated as "tied" notes
Uhg, I feel like I have to repeat myself. Legato is a playing style, characterized by connected notes and soft attacks. Tapping, slides, and HO/PO's are NOT forms of legato, they are simply techniques used in legato playing. I just took my Music Theory final, I'm a little on edge (sorry) about details.
so where do you tap the string in between the fret metal or at the fret metal itself??
In between.
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