i have a locking tremolo. my low E string just broke. i have not touched anything at all after it broke, because i know tremolo systems can easily get out of whack. can i go to the store tomorrow, buy a new set of strings, and just change out the E string only?

i know to keep it the same gauge as what i am using right now (10). thanks.
Damn, dude, how do you break a low E?
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Yea u dont have to change any of them other than the one u broke but u will have to tune it several times and stretch the string to get it back to normal. Its a bitch trust me but its one of the only down falls of having a floyd rose.
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He could have broke the inside string and then the string unwound itself. that's what happened to me once. I'd say just replace all the strings. I have a floyd rose tremolo on my Ibanez.
Is tuneing a flyod really that hard? Serioulsy kids. It takes 3 minutes. Just buy the game guage string, put it on, and tighten it till the trem is where it used to be. Use the finetuners for any stretch.
lol, my low (assuming when you say low you mean the smart way) was the first string i broke ever. I was just like, wtf? because I didn't think it could break.

and that was when i started, i play much harder/heavier now than i did then

i havent broken any string in a few months lol..
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If the string broke at the bridge perfectly, you can try to cut the rough ends, then you will be able to pull it back to the string locker assuming that you have some extra length wounded on your tuning post. Thats the cheapest way, you dont need to buy anything or go anywhere.
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well at the place i go they sell individual strings for like a buck. why waste money buying a whole new set? but then again strings arent really expensive...
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