Ok I have a H/S/H pup config. I have a LP neck humbucker rated at 8.4 on the output. I also have a Duncan Preformer Hot Rails in the middle position. What would be a good bridge humbucker for hard rock and metal? No specific tone in mind and not really any budget.
EMG 81 is what I would recommend
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Not really on any budget?

There's those $200 Bareknuckles you could get.

also, unless you have a multiple volume pot layout, then mixing passives and actives wont work.
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Dimebucker maybe?
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I really dont wanna mix active and passive if thats any help. I wish I could use EMG's tho, cause I really like their sound.
The VERY best? Bareknuckle, if you have the moneys.
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Dimebucker maybe?

I also recommend a dimebucker...IF YOU HATE TONE

I go bareknuckle.