i was playing my bass fairly loudly (using a 15 watt amp it wasnt THAT loud) and all of a sudden my ring finger started hurting. a lot. and its not like the sort of hurts when you play too much and your fingers get sore. If i touch it on the tip it hurts. Its like a stabbing pain. Any ideas why and how i can stop it hurting?
Cramps. Rest it, maybe soak in in water.
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maybe if you can put some ice on it
that usually helps
it sucks when your hands get doesnt it
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Not really. I actally used orajel on my fingers when stuff started hurting, but it did wierd stuff to my strings. Use this as an opprotunity to work on your picking technique. Give your finger a rest.
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maybe you have a small metal sliver in there. Once it breaks through a callous, it would hurt bad, that may also explain the sudden onset of pain. Was it your fret hand?
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^ yeah i think that mustve been it but i rubbed it a bit and its all better now. thanks.
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i think it has something to do with your callous... either its not hard enough and you are putting too much pressure into it, or there's something stuck in there as cnorthern said...
try playing only 10 minutes per day for a week, see if it keeps hurting, and if it still hurts then go to a doctor and get it checked, removed, whatever...

or it could be swollen/bruised or something... i guess giving ur bass a rest for about a week is the best thing to do now..