who likes em? i just picked up 'are we really happy with who we are right now' and i love it. any reccomendations? opinions? please discuss.
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Instant Bob Dylan.
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yeah they are catchy, they kinda get old fast though, plus i dont really listen to that kind of music much anymore.

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i haven't heard any of their songs yet..all i know is they played a show with alexisonfire close to where i live and i couldn't go =°(
theyre alright

theyre really close friends with alexisonfire which is where i heard of them from on the switcheroo ep
The cover of Accidents on the Alexis split is such a grower.

Bleed and Blister is a decent song, and I've heard 'The Red Tree' and it sounded ok. Not groundbreaking or anything, but better at what they do than a host of other bands.
i like them quite a lot.

it's nothing new or particularly original, but it's listenable.
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