i play guitar, but for a friends band-sake im playin bass for them now, we are just practicing and right now im borrowing a Fender Squire and little Hartke 30w amp. I need somethin that sounds good and plays great for low budget starting off...

I seem to like Washburn's (but u all can give me ur input on them) and see that the "Force 4" seems to be a pretty good one that uses 2 humbuckers rather than just coils or whatever...


There is one on eBay... used i presume and its startin at $199

It says Made in Vietnam... how can i find out if thats like the American/Mexican Fenders and such? anything i should look for?

I'll ask about amps later but, im thinkin about a Gallien-Kreuger amp, maybe a 1x15 for right now would be OK, maybe thru a PA system during gigs?

ANY suggestions will be appreciated and if u all could AIM me that would be good too... llAC1Dll by the way.

Thanks in advance
Schecter or an Ibanez. Both sound great without costing too much. You might want to check them out.
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well i was going with that washburn b/c retail is 799 and its on ebay starting at 199 no reserve... i got a friend that plays washburn and loves it...

also, the amp/head link is about 200 and it retails for about 350+...

just wondering about those 2 and about the bass... It's what the guy calls B-stock since it has been used or somethin. that guy has ALOT and im sure his equip is valid...
I think its called b stock because of cosmetic flaws that unable the sellers to sell as A stock. There may be different classifications of b stock though. I am actually purchasing some higher end 'B' stock at the moment. Its being sold for about 1000k, 3k cheaper then what it would be in australia.. because amps are highly inflated over here. So i am half expecting a box of bricks when it arrives from my ebay seller. But i figure if i buy it, and something does go wrong then if i have to spend an extra 1k on it then it will still be worth it.

So i think we'll probably get the b stock together.. then we can both leave flaming bags of dog poo on his front step if something goes wrong!

Give me a link to the particular amp if you want an opinion.