this is our band site. we play rock (most of us like classic rock).
we jsut finished recording an album (all by ourselves ) for a music project, and here are 4 highlights i'd like to get critiqued on.

If anyone could listen to any (or all) of the songs and let me know what you think, that'd be great! thanks a lot. and if you have some recordings, feel free to let me know where they are and i can crit you back
Iliked the horns coming in on the Winnetka song. That seems to be the strongest song. The guitar is a little off in most of the songs, but its okay. The voice is okay, could use some working, mainly strengthening & control, but could better.

I like the acoustic first one and the Jazzy bass one. They were better than the rest. I see where you are going. I think time jamming together would help the most. It works.

Please Crit mine:

Again like excalibur said, Big Noise From Winnetka is the strongest song intrumentally, probably because all the instruments compliment each other so well, and I also like how your band has such diversity from going from acoustic to rock and then to a more jazzy tune, keep up the good work