So consider the s470's wizard II and the rg1570's wizard prestige neck

i know the prestige is 1mm thicker than the wizard II, but on the Ibanez website it says that rg prestiges' feature a "comfortable, rounded feel of prestige neck finishing"

so do the prestige necks have a special coating or finish that isn't on the non prestige wizard II that makes them slicker or is the only difference in thickness?

Ibanez normally wont use spray coating or layer on their necks. For RG series, they're just plain perfectly sanded wood, may range from 1pc. to 5pc.. If your neck is finished, or layered or coated, it may slow you down coz if you sweat much your palm tends to get stuck. However Ibanez still make coatings for example on SZ neck and IC neck.
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On most Ibanez RG models they don't use the same finish as on the body, the yuse some kind of oil I think.
so is the prestige necks the same as the non prestige except thinner?
no they are totally different. what your talking about wizard II neck is the same as the prestige.

Wizard II at 1st fret: 20 mm i think
Prestige at 1st fret: 18 mm

The prestiges are comfortable. The J-custom line has the velvet touch where i think it has some glossy finish on it, when i saw some high quality pictures of it from the back of the whole guitar. Therefore they are SUPER wizards i dont think the gloss wont get in the way since the neck is like even thinner than prestiges.....
Just an influence.
Just an influence.
Getting all facts straight, the thickness:
- Ibanez Prestige is 18mm on 1st fret and 20mm on the 12th (3pc. wood)
- Wizard II neck is 19mm on 1st fret and 21mm on the 12th (3pc.)
- Old Wizard I, or better known as Super Wizard, 17mm on 1st fret and 19mm on the 12th (1pc.)
- Ibanez J-Custom, revivication of the Super Wizard, which is same but uses 5pc. of wood instead.

All doesnt have any finishes, theyre perfectly sanded down smoothly. Even if there are, they use very fine clear varnish that is then sanded down to provide a very very smooth surface and non sticky.
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i dont see the difference with 5 pc. I see the 3pc in my prestige like each section of them two lines is three different pieces of wood. But 5 pc?? Is it like 3 stripes in the back? lol
Just an influence.
well thanks, i was just wondering because i saw that the S2170 was twice as much as a S470dxqm but the only difference besides looks is a prestige wizard II neck, but from what you guys said it doesn't matter.
Prestige necks are damn sweet, sanded wood feels the best IMO, paint slows you down and can get annoying. Wizard and Wizard II are just a matter preference and how big your hand is.
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After i switched froma wizard, to a prestige, i could never go back to wizards...

The prestige is just way better, but i dont think it can justify the double price of that prestige guitar you mentioned seeing as how u can get a prestige neck for 100-200 off of ebay.
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How is a prestige better than a wizard when someone said that they are both sanded, and non-coated?
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Its preference, if you want fast, preferably the neck needs to be smooth. Read my post up there. If your palm is sweaty, you will get stuck if you play on a coated/finished neck. Try playing a Les Paul then the Prestige, you will feel the difference. If the neck is smooth and perfectly sanded down, its just wood, or wood + thin fine coat of clear varnish which is later sanded, gives you almost the same feel as normal wood. Even if you're sweaty, the wood doesnt catch your palm.

The only downside is that, if your palm sweats so much, the prestige neck will become darker/greener/blacker throughout the years if you dont clean it. But it will still plays good, just that the looks may be quite "used".
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Thats what she said...
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