i'm looking at making a couple changes on my bass, and i wanted to hear from anybody who's tried these things before.
for starters, i'm playing on a passive musicman sub 4 string, stingray size, not sterling. new, so it was made under ernie ball
i'm considering upgrading the pickup. the brand that i've heard the most positive comments on are bartolinis. but i was wondering what the difference in tone was between a stock mm pickup and some of the bartolinis. i'm mostly into agressive, rock type stuff, and i play a lot of slap. really no picks, either slap or fingerstyle. oh, and i was considering putting in an active preamp, but decided against it. i'd like to have a decent active bass, as well as a passive one, so i decided against a total overhaul (for now).
also, i'm considering swapping the bridge for something like a badass. question is, i don't know much besides what the company propaganda says. are they really any better than the bridge i've got? what's the difference between badass and badass II? anyone else make a decent bridge upgrade?
and i suppose i'm about done. oh, yeah...how much would a bone or tusq nut affect the tone? i know they make a difference on acoustic guitars, but how about electrics?
sorry this turned into an hour and a half of questions.
^The bass forum might be a better place, but this is fine. Guitar Building and Customising(GB&C) would also be a suitable forum.

If you'd like I can move it to the bass forum, you'd probably get better results.

And welcome to UG!
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
sounds good with me. the placement was my little dilemma. it's not a build from scratch or major overhaul (i'll have the local guitar tech do it), so the building/customising didn't seem right. bass forum seems to make the most sense, in retrospect. i guess i was hoping to draw out the gearheads.