This is ****. But I'm posting it. Cause I..just felt like to posting. I wrote it in 30 min. Crits are good; I'll return the fave.


sullen to the world
nothing to despise
nothing to get sick on
nothing to disguise

hollowed, cold we'll stare inside
one last time
two more flies
three less nerves
to sever when im bored

i'm just like a cat, pullin every ****in string
disengage the snowflakes before their beauty buries me

press the skin to watch it heed
crack the skull to see it bleed
matter splayed for all to see
fetish for a wounded me

burden to humanity
i'll fertilize the ground
so as you feed on vegetables you'll gag and think of this

i spit on the apple, that floats past my head
for failing to connect for once to hurt whats left for dead
mutilate the expressions that mock whats left of me
i was their ***** but now im bored with sacrificial orgies
Axe, smoke and upholstery. Best moments of my life.

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