So I'm trying to learn modes and I've played over all of them (aeolian etc) and I've got a pretty good feel for them. I know the pentatonics and I'm kinda having a hard time implimenting what I've learned while soloing(improv.) Now I'm trying to apply what I've learned by maybe learning a solo that makes good use of modes. What do you guys suggest? I play mostly classic rock and some modern.
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In playing modes, as with anything else in music, it is not the notes or note set that you play as much as the context within which they are played that matters. The note set that provides for the modes A Aeolian, F Lydian and C Ionian are all the same, but when played, with or without accompaniment, in the proper context, they are completely individual entities.

Also, any minor mode will want to borrow the V7 chord from it's parallel major: i.e. A minor will usually use E7 or one of it's variants (or substitutions) to resolve.

One last thing, rather than get hung up on the names of modes and such, focus on their distinctive sounds. If you are playing and F based melody, and you hear the note B natural rather than Bb, you can hear the "Lydian effect", as the Lydian mode is defined by it's sharp 4. Same with D dorian, if you are playing a D minor type melody but there is a B natural there, (sharp 6) then you are experiencing the Dorian mode.

Applies to other modes as well, each mode is defined by a single displaced note which sets it apart from it's "parent" scale (parallel natural major or minor). The only exception is the Locrain mode, which employs both a flat 2 and a flat 5. It is best to think of this as the blacksheep of the bunch, you could think of i as a diminished mode, since it yields a diminished triad on it's root.

So if you get the sound of the modes in your ears, then, and only then, are they really useful to you. just playing in any mode for the sake of saying you are doing so is VERY unmusical and pointless. Your ear must be the guide.
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Can you maybe suggest a specific song though, cause they have a lot of material.
Actually im pretty sure Kirk Doesnt stray to far from the pentatonic scale. So no his solos wont be good for modes. Maybe occasionally the melodic minor scale but it isnt a mode. I knmow satch likes the mixolydian if im not mistaken
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